August 9th, 2004


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I would just like to say that Josh Hartnett or however u spell it has a terrible british accent. And that Rachael Leigh Cook rules. Althought blow dry is not one of my favorites....heh.


very awesome community. i look forward to the nexts movie nite.

PS: To all the new zombies movies coming out. WTF?! zombies are dead they can run like lepords. there rotting, falling apart, dead people that u can just walk right pass them. now there little speed deamons. wtf?!
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The Answer...

The answer to zombies and y their so fast accourting to suicidalblckbird (dont want to put real names on the net unless told otherwise):

suicidalblckbird: anywoo... I bet you its because the zombies are on estacy and/or speed
Jchockeyknight: u mean the drug?
suicidalblckbird: yes
suicidalblckbird: thats the only logical answer.. unless there is a neuclear power plant near by
Jchockeyknight: lol darn speed then they shouldnt give man eating zombie
suicidalblckbird: EXCATLY!
suicidalblckbird: but I bet you it was humans that gave it to the zombies
suicidalblckbird: it must have been some other species
suicidalblckbird: like apes
suicidalblckbird: yes apes
suicidalblckbird: they can no longer tolerate us humans so they gave speed to the zombies
suicidalblckbird: the apes got the speed by the african black markedt
suicidalblckbird: *market
suicidalblckbird: no one didnt really ask the apes why they bought speed because they paid in cold hard cash
suicidalblckbird: where apes get cash... i don't know
Jchockeyknight: damn the ape race then may fleas of a thousand cammels feed on their flesh as hot french fries are jab in their eyes
suicidalblckbird: INDEED!

moral: dont truth the apes and there sinister plot to give zombies speed.
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